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Explore the Finest Selection of Plain Fabrics, Pagris, Turbans, and More for Every Fashion Need

When it comes to fashion, the fabric is the foundation that can make or break the look. In Haryana, Arihant Textile Agency stands out as a beacon for those who seek the best in fabric quality, variety, and overall textile services. Whether you're a designer, tailor, or a DIY enthusiast, understanding the variety and uses of different fabrics can greatly enhance your projects. Here’s a detailed look at some of the best clothing fabrics available at Arihant Textile Agency, covering everything from traditional pagris and turbans to versatile bottom fabrics and nature-friendly cotton.

1. Pagri and Turban Fabrics: A Touch of Tradition

The pagri and turban represent not just style but cultural identity in many punjabi communities. The fabrics used for these headpieces are carefully selected for their ability to hold structure while remaining comfortable for all-day wear. Arihant Textile Agency offers a range of fabrics ideal for these uses, including finely woven cottons and silks that balance breathability with elegance.

Elevate your style with Sukh Turbans, the epitome of Punjab's rich cultural legacy. Crafted for the modern Singh in you, each pagri, dastaar, or pagg is a statement piece of Sikh identity and grace. Wrap yourself in tradition and authenticity as every fold of your dumalla, keski, or pheta tells a story of resilience and honor. From the heart of Punjab to the world, Sukh Turbans bring the essence of Sikh heritage to your wardrobe. Embrace elegance with pride and make a statement with Sukh Turbans – because your identity deserves the best."

2. Astar and Lining Fabrics: The Unsung Heroes

Astar and lining fabrics may not be visible on the outside, but they're crucial for the comfort and structure of garments. These fabrics prevent transparency, enhance the garment's feel, and add a layer of insulation. Arihant provides a variety of linings from silky tafta to soft cotton, ensuring that there is a perfect match for every outer fabric and use case.

3. Bottom Fabrics: Durable and Stylish

When it comes to bottom wear, durability and comfort are as important as style. Arihant Textile Agency’s range includes robust fabrics like denim, twill, and heavyweight cottons that are perfect for pants, skirts, and traditional wear. These fabrics are available in a range of colors and finishes to meet the diverse needs of fashion creators.

4. Santoon Fabrics: The Versatile Choice

Santoon fabric is a popular choice for its silky texture and excellent drape, making it an ideal choice for linings as well as standalone garments. It’s a versatile fabric that’s commonly used in the making of stylish dresses, skirts, and ethnic garments. Arihant offers santoon in a variety of shades and prints, catering to both contemporary and traditional tastes.

5. Tafta Fabric: Elegance in Weave

Tafta fabric is known for its crisp texture and lustrous sheen, often used in creating formal attire and luxurious drapes. It holds shapes well and adds a touch of sophistication to any garment. At Arihant Textile Agency, you can find tafta in a spectrum of colors and blends, perfect for special occasions and high-fashion outfits.

6. Nature Cotton Fabric: Eco-Friendly Fashion

As the world moves towards more sustainable choices, nature cotton fabric has gained popularity for its minimal environmental impact and exceptional comfort. Arihant’s nature cotton fabrics are sourced responsibly and offer a soft, breathable option for everyday and high-end garments alike.

7. Under Shirt Plain Fabric: The Base Layer

For undergarments, the choice of fabric is paramount. It needs to be soft against the skin, breathable, and moisture-wicking. Arihant Textile Agency provides high-quality plain fabrics designed specifically for under shirts and other base layers, ensuring comfort throughout the day without compromising on durability.

8. Rubia Fabric: The Classic Choice

Rubia fabric is a classic option known for its durability and comfort. It is particularly popular for making churidar and other types of ethnic wear. The tight weave of Rubia fabric at Arihant ensures a high-quality finish that holds color well and lasts through many wears.

9. Full Voil and Voil Fabric: Light and Airy

Voil fabric is a lightweight, semi-sheer material perfect for creating airy, breathable garments like dresses. Full voil offers a slightly denser weave, providing a bit more structure while maintaining the fabric’s breezy qualities. Arihant’s variety of voil fabrics come in many colors, catering to both simple and vibrant fashion designs.
Arihant Textile Agency is your go-to destination in Haryana for high-quality fabrics suited for a wide range of applications. Whether you are creating a traditional ensemble with a turban or designing a chic urban look with natural cotton, Arihant has the right fabric to bring your visions to life. Visit us to explore our extensive collection and get expert advice tailored to your specific needs.

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